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Sex, Science & Spirit
by Hermes Solenzol

Welcome to my website!

You may be interested in the blog. It has articles about science, philosophy, sexuality, BDSM, polyamory and historical fiction. I am a neuroscientist and an expert in pain physiology, which gave me a special perspective on these topics. Please, leave a comment to the articles. I will answer your questions and comments, even if they disagree. 


I have written five novels in Spanish and translated the first to English. It combines historical fiction, romance and eroticism. I plan to publish it this year.


The media tab has photos from my travels and adventures. It is still under development, but soon I will add many more photos and videos.


If you want to know me better, please check my biography (Bio). There you can read my story and see photos from my past.


This is a bilingual site, in Spanish and English. To change the language, click on the box in the upper left corner. The content is not the same in both languages. If you read in Spanish and English, I advise you to explore this site in each language.


Log In is not necessary to access the content, but if you open an account you will receive my newsletter. I do not spam or share my email list. In the future, there will be a forum and pages only for registered members.​

​You can contact me by email at solenzol@protonmail.com​.