The Neuroscience of Sex & Kink

I am currently writing this book. So far it's about 250 pages long, of a target length of 400-500 pages. So the writing is quite advanced, although there is still a lot of research and polishing to be done. I plan to publish this book at the end of this year or at the beginning of 2023, both as ebook and paperback. 


The book will explore questions about sex and kink (BDSM) from a scientific perspective, although it also draws on my experience. The first part sets the stage by summarizing sex-positive principles and discussing the ethical, social and political debates it involves. The second part is devoted to the physiology of sex, inquiring about orgasms, the refractory period, the G-spot, the male prostate, and other topics. Part 3 is devoted to the neuroscience of pain and sadomasochism, explaining the neural pathways and brain areas involved and how they give rise to different mental states. Part 4 describes different practices in sadomasochism, connecting them to neuroscience. Part 5 is about Dominance/submission, describing its different practices and pondering its origins. Part 6 is a daring inquiry into altered states of consciousness in BDSM, such as different types of sub-space, sub-drop, and its connection to mysticism, empathy and compassion. Part 7 circles back to ethics, contemplating the different problems, dangers and abuse that can arise in the practice of BDSM.

Table of Contents

Hyperlinks are to drafts of the chapters as articles in the blog. I will keep updating it as the writing progresses.

Part 1 - The Ethics and Politics of Sex and Kink

A Sex-Positive Manifesto

In Defense of Pleasure

Is Casual Sex Unethical?

Is Sex Sacred?

The Feminist Sex Wars: Radical Feminism Against Sex-Positive Feminism

The Orgasm Gap

The Virgin/Whore Complex

Sex Work

Part 2 - The Science of Sex

The Seven Enigmas of Sex


The Male Refractory Period

G-Spot, Squirting and Vaginal Orgasms 

Anal Sex

Prostate Stimulation

Why Doesn’t Viagra Work in Women?

Why Is Sex Shameful?

Is Sex Addictive?

Sexual Energy, Myth or Reality?

Sex as You Age as a Man - Use It or Lose It

Sex as You Age as a Woman - Menopause Will Not Stop You

Part 3 - The Neuroscience of Pain and Sadomasochism

A Neuroscience Primer

BDSM Is Not Science, It’s an Art!

The Physiology of BDSM

Kinks, Squicks and Kink-Shaming - Navigating Your Likes and Dislikes in BDSM

Pain Is Not Suffering

The Neuroscience of Spanking

Part 4 - Practices and Techniques in Sadomasochism

BDSM Explained to the Vanilla

The Art of Bondage

The Art of Spanking

The Art of Caning

Hot Spicy Buns - Using Hot Peppers and Capsaicin

Figging: the Kink of Putting Ginger in Your Butt

Electricity Play

Choking - How Safe Is It?

Part 5 - Dominance-submission

What Happens in a Dominance-Submission Relationship?

Different Types of Dominance-Submission Relationships

Domestic Discipline

The Origins of Dominance-Submission

Sexual Service and Domination

Orgasm Control and Chastity

Part 6 - Altered States of Consciousness in BDSM

The Endorphin Rush: Myth or Reality?

Endorphins and Adrenaline - What Science Really Says

The Neuroscience of Sub Space: Endorphins, Noradrenaline and Serotonin

Altered States of Consciousness in BDSM

How to Achieve Sub Space

Submissive Drop

Sex, BDSM and Mysticism

Sadism, Empathy and Compassion

Part 7 - Problems, Dangers and Abuse in BDSM

Obligations of the Dominant and the Submissive

Panic Attacks in BDSM Scenes

The Thin Line Between Consent and Coercion

How to Recognize Abuse in BDSM Relationships