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Sex, Science & Spirit
by Hermes Solenzol

Welcome to my website!


This website is unusual in that it does not cater to a particular niche. Instead, as its name indicates, it covers a wide range of topics ranging from alternative sexualities, to science, to philosophy and spirituality. Common wisdom in blogging states that one should stick to one particular niche in order to attract a dedicated group of followers and to rank high with search engines. An additional problem is that some of my colleagues interested in science and philosophy were put off by my articles about sex, and even more by my erotic stories.

Hermes Solenzol

I could have created three different blogs, each dedicated to one of the topics in the title. However, what I want to write about is about the interaction of each of these things:

  • How science can provide a view of the Universe full of meaning.

  • A scientific exploration of altered states of consciousness and spirituality.

  • A view of what it means to be human based on science.

  • A rational way of life that welcomes joy and pleasure.

  • The ethics and politics of sex.

  • Scientific studies on sex and BDSM.


As you can see, exploring these topics can only be done in a website that encompasses science, philosophy, spirituality and sex. Venturing occasionally into history and politics.

Writing, for me, is letting out a bunch of ideas inside my mind that clamor to be set free.

These ideas cluster around several of my deepest values and ideas:

  • The Universe described by science is full of meaning, countering scientific nihilism.

  • Human beings are unique because our minds make us different from both animals and machines - a new humanism.

  • Happiness can be found by balancing the pursuit of virtue and the common good (eudaimonia) and pleasure (hedonism).

  • Exploring our erotic fantasies can be a key part of finding who we really are.


Yes, but… erotica?


Some things can only be understood by telling stories about them. We need to understand the world and ourselves emotionally, not just rationally. And the best way to access our emotions is through stories. For me, it was deeply transformative to write novels showing the interrelationship between sex, kink, love, personal growth and the sociopolitical reality in which we live. Thus were born my five novels in the Liberation of Cecilia series, first written in Spanish and now being translated to English.  


Who am I? I am a neuroscientist expert in pain physiology. I was born in Italy, raised in Spain, and resident of the United States for many years. That’s why this blog is bilingual. To change the language, click on the box in the upper left corner. The content is not the same in both languages. I write in whatever language I see fit, and I am often lazy to translate things between languages.

If you want to know me better, please check my biography in the ‘Bio’ tab. There I have also posted a list of all my scientific papers.

For any problems with this site, to ask me questions, or any other thing, please email me at

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