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My Novels

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I have written five novels in Spanish. The English version of the first, Games of Love and Kink, will be published June 24th, 2022.  

These novels are historical romances set in the Spain when the country was transitioning to democracy, years 1976 to 1980. The political and social problems of this crucial time in the history of Spain form the backdrop of the stories. The changes that the characters undergo reflect the changes in the country, with an underlying theme of liberation from sexual and spiritual repression. The plot touches many issues related to sex and relationships, including BDSM, homosexuality, sex work and polyamory. The love stories are not limited to a couple but include most of the main characters. 

My novels may remind you of the films by Pedro Almodóvar and the novels by Almudena Grandes, which inspired me.


The first three novels - Games of Love and Kink, Cecilia Unleashed and Cecilia Domesticated - form a trilogy titled The Liberation of Cecilia. The other two novels, Cecilia's Tribe and Driving You Crazy continue the saga of Cecilia Madrigal and her lovers, so the five novels could be considered a series. 

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