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Buy it for only $2.99 at Gumroad using discount code m6y48ui. EPUB and MOBI formats.

To buy it from other eBook distributors ($4.99), follow this Universal Book Link

Also available as paperback in Amazon ($19.99

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You can hear the songs that are mentioned in the novel in this Spotify playlist .

Games of Love and Kink

Book 1 of the trilogy The Liberation of Cecilia


Cecilia and Julio fall in love while skiing in the Alps, but their love is doomed. She is conservative and religious. He is progressive and an atheist. On their way back to Spain, the other students stop the bus in France to watch erotic movies. And so they discover that they share a secret longing for kink that binds them even closer.

We are in Spain in 1976, just after the death of dictator Franco. Cecilia is guarded by her father, a government censor, and her brother Luis, a fascist militant. She is being indoctrinated by the fundamentalist organization Opus Dei. Back in Madrid, Cecilia tries to forget Julio, but the changes inside her are as irrevocable as the ones that Spain is undergoing.

Defying her family, Cecilia discovers love under the guidance of Julio. But her father makes good on his threats of locking her up. Separated from Julio, Cecilia risks losing him to his classmate Laura, a stunning, wealthy blonde.

Torn between Cecilia and Laura, Julio proposes an open relationship. Cecilia initially hates it, but then discovers that it brings new dimensions to her freedom. But if she goes too far, she risks breaking her heart.

Novel excerpts
Read some excerpts from this novel in the blog.
Click on the links below.

Cecilia's First Spanking  
Kinky Games in the Park of Montsouris
The Erotic Revolution 
Groucho's Punchline
The Birthday Present


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