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Cecilia Unleashed

Book 2 of the trilogy Cecilia's Liberation


Cecilia's heart is broken. Julio, her first love, has left her. And she is willing to do whatever it takes to get him back. Laura, whom she had always considered her rival, promises to help her.

But Julio has more immediate problems. He has been drafted to Galicia, far away from Madrid. At the beginning of 1978, the Spanish army is a cave of fascists. A progressive young man like him is not going to have a very good time in the army.

Cecilia and Laura go to visit Julio in Santiago de Compostela. However, things don't go as expected. Perhaps Laura's intentions were not as disinterested as they first seemed.

Feeling betrayed, Cecilia decides to go back to her lover Johnny, a Wall Street financier who shares her perversions. Chino, a mysterious barman expert in Zen and martial arts, becomes his mentor. But perhaps her advice is not leading her in the right direction.

Wanting to continue her erotic revolution, Cecilia enters dark environments that separate her more and more from Julio. When her father throws her out of the house, she takes refuge in the house of Lorenzo, a communist mechanic who was Julio's climbing partner. With Lorenzo lives Malena, a Chilean exile. A tense relationship full of desires and anxiety grows between the three of them.

When Chino and Malena tell her their stories, Cecilia discovers the aftermath of war and rape. The past full of desolation, violence and oppression of her own family also comes to light.

Luis, Cecilia's brother, is determined to bring her back to the right path. Helped by his gang of fascists, he chases her all over Madrid. Cecilia's adventures seem destined for a tragic end.

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