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Driving You crazy


Cecilia has disappeared. Her lovers Julio and Laura are heartbroken. The three form an idyllic polyamorous trio. Laura is pregnant with the child they hoped to raise together.


They suspect that Cecilia has been kidnapped by her father, Don Francisco, who always rejected the lesbian relationship between Cecilia and Laura. To find her plan to find him and make him confess his whereabouts. But we are in the Spain of 1980, and Don Francisco is involved in the preparation of the coup of 23-F. He also has business with the prostitution mafias and with the drug traffickers of Galicia.


Luis, Cecilia's brother, is a lawyer with a shady clientele. No one knows whose side he is on.


In this dangerous and desperate search, Julio and Laura will have the help of a diverse group of friends: a communist mechanic, a Chilean exile, an autistic sadomasochist, a meiga apprentice and a Buddhist monk.


Meanwhile, Cecilia languishes in the secret sanatorium where she has been locked up for conversion therapy. It is an institution run by eccentric doctors, a cruel nun they call the Lioness, and an unctuous priest with a dark past. There, Cecilia will meet other patients who will tell her about the misadventures that have led them to that confinement.


This historical thriller culminates in a thrilling finale in which it is not known who will have to rescue whom.


You can hear the songs mentioned in the novel in this Spotify playlist.

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