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Cecilia's Tribe


Cecilia, Julio and Laura face the problems of living as a trio. Laura is a lesbian and in love with Cecilia, who has become bisexual to reciprocate. Cecilia and Julio have had problems that Laura has been able to solve. Julio is in an enviable position, living with the two loves of his life. But the three venture into uncharted territory.

Today we call it polyamory, but we are in 1979. The society that is not willing to accept homosexuality, much less that type of group relationship. All three say they are married, but only Julio and Laura are officially married. Will social repression succeed in erasing Cecilia from that relationship?

Ghosts of the past hang over the incipient Spanish democracy. Cecilia opens a Civil War Pandora's box that threatens her parents' marriage and, by extension, her.


All three like dominance-submission. Cecilia is submissive, but her past leads her to rebel against those who want to control her. He wants to go back to work in an American bar run by his friend and adviser "El Chino". What will Julio and Laura do?

Other characters want to have relationships with them. Johnny, a Wall Street financier, seduced Cecilia in the past and has now set his sights on Laura. Lorenzo, a communist mechanic, and Malena, a Chilean refugee, fell in love with Cecilia when she lived with them and they are not willing to forget her. Will the trio be a closed relationship? Or will it become a tribe?

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