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Cecilia Domesticated

Book 3 of the trilogy Cecilia's Liberation.


Cecilia lives in a world turned upside down, full of confusion. She has an injury that prevents her from making love, but that does not prevent her friend Lorenzo and her ex-boyfriend Julio from screwing at her. Lorenzo must be stopped, of course. She's not going to cheat on Malena, her best friend. He is not going to betray her like Laura betrayed her. Of course Malena seems to be strangely indifferent to the situation.

Julio... that's something else. Cecilia is still madly in love with him. So when Julio proposes a domination-submission relationship, why not accept? Lorenzo and Malena try to warn him that he is going to get into a very careful mess, but to enjoy Julio's body again and the perversions of his mind is an irresistible temptation. And if that serves to cheat on Laura, all the better.

However, Laura is not stupid and has taken her precautions. Like a spider, it has been weaving its web with patience, for months, and when Cecilia wants to realize it, it is impossible to escape. His friends, Lorenzo, Malena and Chino come to the rescue.


Cecilia, Julio, Laura, Lorenzo and Malena find themselves trapped in a maelstrom of intertwined emotions, a paradoxical game in which you can only win by giving up.

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Spanish version only.


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