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The Russian-Ukrainian War - Roundup of the Best Articles

Here are some of the best articles I have read about the tragedy unfolding in Ukraine

Destroyed tank
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Eyewitness accounts

Let’s start with two eyewitness accounts of the tragedy in Mariupol. They should be required reading for everyone.

The first is from Mykhailo Pasichnyi, a surgeon who worked day and night to care for the injury and the dying in a hospital in Mariupol:

The second is from a Demenkova Anastasiia, a young woman with a pregnant sister. Both of them went to a local hospital to take care of the wounded. The article has numerous heart wrenching pictures of Mariupol, before and after its destruction by the Russian Army. Fortunately, they could escape with their families. The sister gave birth safely in the city of Vinnytsia.

What I find truly moving in both articles in the matter-of-fact way they describe the most horrible scenes. Sometimes, overstatement is the only way to convey the unspeakable.

Ukrainian and Russian expatriates

Here is a great article by Katya Korovkina, an Ukrainian woman, published early in the war (March 8). It has pictures and links where you can send money to help. I used one of them to send $100 to the Ukrainian Army.

Alexie Sorokin is a Russian expatriate now living in the USA. His accounts of how he left Russia and is unable to talk to his friends and family there are quite moving. Here is his translation of a communique titled “What Russia Must Do to Ukraine” that is truly hair-raising about the fascist intentions of Putin. I have also seen this reported in the Spanish newspaper El País.

Military reports

Dark Energy Articles explains how the battle for Slavyansk will determine the future course of the war:

Halen Allison is a former US Marine intelligence analyst who publishes military-style war reports on Ukraine. He is worth following. Here are two of the most recent:

Sean Kernan explains how a battle to take Odessa is not likely to turn out well for Russia:

In this article, JG Estiot explains how the use of drones and other information technology is changing warfare and contributing to the unexpected success of the Ukrainians.

In another article, he lists the 20 miscalculations Putin made in Ukraine.

My fellow Spaniard Enrique Dans has this interesting article explaining how Elon Musk’s Starlink is helping Ukrainian civilians escape Russian bombs:

Also, check this article in The Guardian about how a few drone operators on bicycles managed to stop the Russian convoy heading for Kyiv in the early stages of the war. They are part of an independent military unit called Aerorozvidka, that uses crowdfunding and personal contacts to develop their own drones.

Historical background and outlook

Lester Golden is currently living in Latvia. He is a professor who speaks eight languages and is extremely well-versed in Russian and European history. In this article (March 25), he explains why the Russian Federation risk breaking up if its army is defeated in Ukraine:

Here are some of his other articles in Medium that I haven’t had time to read yet:

Greg Satell writes a great summary of the political events in Ukraine leading to the current situation:

Ken Briggs explains the history of the Russian empire.


Pink Floyd has released their first new song in 28 years, Hey Hey Rise Up (Spotify link), dedicated to Ukraine. David Gilmore, the vocalist and guitarist of the group, has a Ukrainian daughter-in-law and grandchildren. The song is sung in Ukrainian by Andriy Hlivnyuk, from the Ukrainian band "Bumbox". Here is the link to the video on YouTube:

I read that the song Bayraktar (Spotify link to the version from Big City Germs) is a popular song encouraging the Ukrainians to resist the invasion. The Bayraktar is the Turkish drone that has destroyed many Russian tanks.

This is the YouTube video with Ukrainian soldiers singing Bayraktar.

Here is the English version in YouTube

Let’s hope things turn out well for the Ukrainians and this tragedy ends soon!

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