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The Erotic Brain - The Neuroscience of Sex

This book will explore questions about sex  from a scientific perspective. 

Hyperlinks are to drafts of the chapters in the blog. 

© 2023 Hermes Solenzol.

Table of Contents

Part 1 - The Ethics of Sex

A Sex-Positive Manifesto

In Defense of Pleasure

Is Casual Sex Unethical?

Is Sex Sacred?

Sexual Objectification

Part 2 - The Politics of Sex

The Feminist Sex Wars: Radical Feminism Against Sex-Positive Feminism

The Orgasm Gap

The Virgin/Whore Complex

Lies About Prostitution

Part 3 - The Science of Sex

The Seven Enigmas of Sex

Why Is Sex Shameful?

Is Sex Addictive?

Sexual Energy, Myth or Reality?

Part 4 - The Science of Orgasm


The Male Refractory Period

G-Spot, Squirting and Vaginal Orgasms 

Part 5 - Sexual Practices

Anal Sex

Sex Toys

Prostate Stimulation

Who Is Afraid of the Big, Bad Viagra

Why Doesn’t Viagra Work in Women?

Part 6 - Sex and Aging

Sex as You Age as a Man - Use It or Lose It

Sex as You Age as a Woman - Menopause Will Not Stop You

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