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Remember When…?

(Just a few uncomfortable questions)

Man climbing onto a tightrope
Trying to walk an ideological tightrope… and failing. Photo by the author.
  • Being a progressive meant having hope in the future?

  • Progressives defended freedom of expression?

  • Censorship was something conservatives did?

  • You listened to people with opinions different from yours?

  • You could be proud of being a man?

  • You could be proud of being a woman?

  • The Patriarchy didn’t mean “men”?

  • It was not self-defeating for a man to be a feminist?

  • Intention mattered?

  • People were presumed to be innocent until proven guilty?

  • Abortion, contraception and reproductive rights were not women’s problems, but everybody’s problem?

  • It was possible not to be racist?

  • Racism meant hating people because of their race?

  • Sexism meant hating people because of their sex?

  • Vaccines were routine healthcare?

  • Conservatives believed in science?

  • Leftists believed in science?

  • Doctors and scientists were not terrorized by zealots?

  • Lab rats were cool?

  • Monkeys in scientific experiments were cute?

  • Meat was a healthy meal and not a crime?

  • Bicycles didn’t have motors?

  • “Ecologist” and “environmentalist” were synonyms?

  • Ecology was a science?

  • Nuclear war was our worst fear?

  • “Privileged” was not an insult?

  • “Socialist” was not a dirty word?

  • “Educate yourself” meant “go to school” instead of “agree with my dogma”?

  • The Left supported workers?

  • Workers voted Left?

  • Baby boomers were hippies, pacifists and anti-establishment?

  • Conservatives believed in democracy and fought dictatorships, and not the other way around?

I do remember.

I must be getting old.

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