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The Way of the Warrior

In seven difficult steps

River flowing under snow bank surrounded by mountains.
Lundy Canyon, California. Photo by the author.

1. Hunt for personal power

Personal power is

  • self-knowledge,

  • self-control,

  • self-sufficiency,

  • self-transformation,

  • good health,

  • emotional strength,

  • resilience,

  • inner motivation,

  • wisdom.

2. Act impeccably

  • Generate sustained attention and effort.

  • Choose the right challenge.

  • Face my fears.

  • Develop meta-attention.

  • Plug power drains.

  • Build good habits.

  • Focus on the process and not the destination.

  • Don’t get attached to goals and rewards.

  • Use attention to perform flawlessly.

3. Take responsibility for my actions

  • Follow my own moral code.

  • Learn from experience.

  • Do not complain.

  • Do not blame others.

  • Do not look for excuses.

  • Do not cling to hope.

  • Nip anger in the bud.

4. Abandon self-importance

  • Don’t act based on pride or shame.

  • Don’t be competitive.

  • Don’t be defensive.

  • Encourage my curiosity.

  • Let go of the ego.

5. Erase personal history

  • Do not dwell on the traumas of the past.

  • No regrets.

  • No self-doubt.

  • Forget who I am and lose myself in my task.

6. Use death as an advisor

  • Focus on things that bring meaning to my life.

  • Accept the fact that I am going to die.

  • Do not waste energy on unimportant things.

  • Use my time wisely.

  • Enjoy the present.

  • Cultivate my love of life.

  • Be grateful.

7. Follow a path with a heart

  • My core motivation should be based on joy, curiosity and love.

  • It should not be based on fear, shame or pride.

  • Help others.

  • Live a life worth living.

Copyright 2023 Hermes Solenzol.

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