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The Birthday Present

Excerpt from my novel Games of Love and Kink

Sensual beautiful young couple is having sex on bed
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Madrid, Saturday June 4, 1977

Lorenzo let them into his house. It was a small apartment on the ground floor of a two-story building. The main door opened directly to a rectangular living room with white walls. At the other end, there was a sliding glass door that opened to an inner patio with a pair of motorcycles scrapped for parts, and other junk. The other rooms were on the right: first a tiny kitchen, then a recess that hid two doors to the bedroom and bathroom. The furniture was quite Spartan: a rectangular dining table next to the entrance and, in the back, a three-seat sofa, a coffee table and a turntable. The entire wall on the left was covered with bookshelves.

“Wow, you have so many books!” said Cecilia.

“Not what you’d expect from a simple mechanic, right?” said Julio. “Lorenzo is actually a self-taught intellectual. He has read everything.”

A smell of lamb roast with rosemary filled the place.

“Come to the table, Cecilia,” said Julio. “That smell is making my mouth water!”

“Me too!” she said, sitting down by him.

Lorenzo came out of the kitchen with a platter of meat.

“Help yourselves.”

Lorenzo picked up the bottle of Rioja wine and uncorked it.

“See? I told you this guy cooks like a chef! We should do something to thank him.”

With a playful smile, Julio unfastened the buttons of her blouse. Cecilia let him do it, directing a mischievous look at Lorenzo.

“What the hell are you guys doing?”

“Just letting her tits out, to make lunch a bit more pleasant.”

Julio took off her blouse and dropped it on the floor.

“Like in Peña Sirio, right, Lorenzo? Remember? You couldn’t peel your eyes from me!”

“So, you’re at it again?”

“No worries, you’re with friends. Come on, just look at her and enjoy yourself, damn it!”

Julio and Lorenzo drained the bottle of wine. She didn’t have any. There was custard for dessert, which she loved. Lorenzo then invited them to sit on the sofa, where he served them coffee and Galician herbal liquor. He tried to act normally, but his hands shook a little and his eyes constantly wandered towards her chest. He took out a chunk of marijuana wrapped in foil from his pocket and rolled a joint.

“Shall we play some music?” she asked.

“Yes, take your pick,” said Lorenzo, absorbed in his task.

Julio watched them with an amused air, taking small sips of his liquor.

She rummaged through his records. She chose the LP Entre Dos Aguasof the flamenco guitarist Paco de Lucía.

She went to sit on the couch, pushing Julio aside so she could squeeze between them. Lorenzo, taking slow pulls from his joint, moved away from her.

“Don’t move away,” she said with a teasing smile. “Today, you may touch me. Right, Julio?”

“Yes, man, don’t be shy! Enjoy! Today is your birthday!”

“You guys are messing with me, aren’t you?”

“No, man, we’re totally serious! You can touch Cecilia all you want.”

“Damn, man! She’s your girlfriend! How can I touch her?”

“This way, look! You caress her breast like this, then you squeeze it.” Julio demonstrated. “Can you see how firm they are? Then you pinch the nipple a bit to get it hard, like this!”

Julio’s hand evoked shivers of pleasure all over her body.

“Come on Lorenzo, get in the mood!” she said. “I know you are dying to do it.”

Lorenzo left the joint in the ashtray and put his hand on her other tit, caressing it, first softly, then weighing it, squeezing it. Julio continued his demonstration.

Being fondled by two guys was deliciously perverse.

The notes of the guitar of Paco de Lucía streamed playfully, like the pleasure from her nipples. The drums of the rumba beat with the rhythm of her heart.

Julio withdrew his hand, leaving her to Lorenzo, whose eyes were fixed on her chest with absolute concentration. After a while, he released her to give the joint another draw. She took the opportunity to sit on his lap. Lorenzo, holding the joint between his lips, placed a hand on each beast. She grabbed the edge of her miniskirt and slowly pushed it up, revealing her shaved pussy.

“You guys have really turned me on! Do you want to touch my pussy to see how wet I am?” she whispered.

Lorenzo seemed to wake up from his dream. He took his hands away from her chest and crushed the joint in the ashtray.

“What are you trying to do? What the fuck is wrong with you?”

“Come on, man, don’t get upset now!” said Julio. “We thought that, since today you’re old enough to vote, this might be a good time for you to lose your virginity. So I’m loaning you Cecilia so you can fuck her.”

“You are out of your minds!”

Lorenzo stood up so suddenly that she didn’t have time to get up from his knees, and fell on her butt. Lorenzo ran from the living room and locked himself in his bedroom.

“That’s what I was afraid of! We screwed up!” said Julio.

“Well, being shy is just natural.” She got up from the floor. “Come on, go talk to him!”

Julio went to stand in front of the closed door.

“Come on man, don’t be shy! I don’t mind, really! I know how much you like Cecilia.”

He waited for a little while, but there was no answer. He returned to the living room.

“It’s hopeless! We should leave.”

“May I try?”

“Go ahead… But I don’t think you’re going to get him to come out.”

She went to the bedroom door.

“Lorenzo, please, let me in! I just want to tell you something.”

“You’ll end up traumatizing the poor guy,” Julio said, sitting on the couch.

“He’s not a poor guy! He’s a man with a pair!” she said aloud so Lorenzo could hear her. “Come, Lorenzo, open up! Please, don’t make me speak through the door. That’s rude!”

Lorenzo let her in, closing the door behind her.

“It was my idea, I’m sorry. I wanted to be the one to take your virginity. It would mean so much to me! Come on, please!” she pleaded.

Lorenzo looked at her tits. He was a bit pale. He approached her slowly.

“It’s just that all this is so awkward, girl!”

“Of course, I understand… You know? Maybe we shouldn’t have told you that this is your birthday present, as if we were doing you a favor. The truth is, I would like to do it. It would be a big disappointment for me if you rejected me, after going this far.”

“But, what about Julio?”

“He agrees, can’t you see? We talked it over. Please! I’m really turned-on!”

She unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor.

“See? Here I am, all naked for you! You do like me, don’t you?”

“That’s not the problem. I like you a lot, but…”

“You see, it’s like making a difficult move when you are climbing. You just get started and then your body knows what to do, right?” she ran her hand over the bulge in his pants. “I know you’re dying to do it, you dummy!”

“Can’t we do it here?”

“Well, it’s just that… this isn’t what I had agreed with Julio. What’s the matter, does it embarrass you that he watches us? You two are best buddies, aren’t you?”

She grabbed his trousers and slowly unzipped them. She inserted two fingers into the fly.

“Do you have any idea how much pleasure I can give you?” she intoned seductively as she rubbed the tip of his cock. “No, you don’t have the slightest idea of how utterly amazing is to make love! Being able to touch me wherever you want… And then push your cock inside me… Can you imagine how soft and warm is the inside of my pussy? And then being able to see the pleasure in my face while you fuck me. And when you come, it’s a thousand times better than when you jerk off! You’ll see!”

As she spoke, she pulled down his underpants until he was able to wrap her fist around his rod, taking it out of his fly. She held it while she opened the door. He let her lead him by it to the living room.

At the sight of Julio, Lorenzo stopped in his tracks.

Realizing that she was humiliating him in front of his friend, Cecilia let go of his cock. She kneeled in front of him and put it in her mouth, feeling him shudder with pleasure. She unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down, along with his underwear. All the while she sucked him gently, enough to capture his attention but without getting him too excited. She took it out of her mouth to admire it. It was the only cock she had seen other than Julio’s. It was long and thin, slightly curved upwards.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Julio watching them from the sofa. He looked nervous and excited.

* * *

Julio had mixed feelings as he watched Cecilia kneeling in front of Lorenzo, sucking his cock with total concentration. He had hoped that Lorenzo would refuse to have sex with her. He knew him well: deep down, he was a prude. Moreover, his strong sense of loyalty would make him refuse to do anything that could look like betrayal. But he had not taken into account Cecilia’s stubbornness and her unexpected talent for seduction.

Besides, it seemed that there was already a certain intimacy between her and Lorenzo. That should have made him jealous. He wondered why it didn’t.

Lorenzo stumbled, his ankles held by his pants.

“Come, lay down on the rug,” Cecilia said.

Lorenzo obeyed, and she carefully removed his shoes, pants and underpants. Naked, in profile in front of him, she was gorgeous. Her delicate gestures revealed a total dedication. Her gaze moved from Lorenzo’s slim body to him, as if to be sure that he was fine.

When she had Lorenzo naked from the waist down, she began to make love to him, kissing the inside of his thighs, licking his balls, and putting her lips back on his swollen gland.

It was a beautiful sight, loaded with eroticism. That’s why he wasn’t jealous. His own penis attested to it with a strong erection.

Cecilia had taken over Lorenzo, had him completely subdued with her beauty and her skill. Just as Laura had subdued him when she took his virginity, doing something very similar to what Cecilia was now doing to Lorenzo. That thought bothered him. Cecilia was his sexual servant, he didn’t like the idea that she knew how to dominate a man.

Cecilia’s lips left Lorenzo’s penis and continued their journey up his body, tracing a vertical line on his belly with her tongue. She pulled his shirt up so she could suck on a nipple, and ended up kissing him on the lips.

Julio was paralyzed, unable to take his eyes off them. Part of him wanted to shout at them to stop, that they had already gone too far, that he couldn’t take it anymore. But a stronger part of himself enjoyed watching Cecilia’s entranced look, and the expression of pleasure and bewilderment on his friend’s face. He could not stop such a beautiful thing.

Cecilia straddled Lorenzo, rubbing her crotch against his hardened penis. Then, in a fit of impatience, he saw her seize it, lift her butt, and impale herself. It was so neatly done that he could imagine the sensation of Cecilia’s warm vagina wrapping around his own cock.

Lorenzo stiffened, on the brink of climax.

“Not yet, champion! Take a deep breath, the best part is yet to come!” she said, her gaze fixed on Lorenzo’s face.

Cecilia lowered herself until she sat on his belly, smiling at him with complicity. Lorenzo put his hands on her tits, squeezing them. She giggled and corresponded by pinching his nipples.

“You have trapped me, girl!”

“It’s to keep you from coming too soon, buddy! I lost my virginity the same way.”

The sound of his own voice surprised him. He had not been able to speak up to that point. Lorenzo and Cecilia turned to look at him, and suddenly he felt part of what they were doing, not an invisible spectator anymore.

“Man, this is amazing!” murmured Lorenzo.

“Once you’re a bit less excited, we’ll start moving, okay?” said Cecilia.

Lorenzo nodded. Soon, she started to move up and down on him, putting her hands on his chest. Lorenzo’s cock slipped out. She grabbed it and put it back inside. Lorenzo grabbed her buttocks and guided her in the up and down swing. They were completely focused on each other, and Julio felt the sense of complicity drift away. A certain uneasiness fought against the excitement of the scene.

Cecilia seemed to have found the right angle and was now moving up and down in a mad frenzy, her tits bobbing in voluptuous waves, her curls shaking in the air. Suddenly, she stopped. He heard Lorenzo moan with pleasure. Cecilia threw her head back and abandoned herself to her own orgasm.

It was the first time that he had seen Cecilia climax from afar, without being him who was giving her pleasure. It was a sight of remarkable beauty.

It was over. It was too late to go back. He felt that a door had been opened to an unknown dimension. Until now, Cecilia had been his alone, but she had just shown him that she could enjoy another man. She was in full control of her sexuality. She had proved to be a great seductress. His uneasiness returned with renewed intensity.

By the way she looked at him with a worried expression, Cecilia must have felt his mood. She got up and came over to sit on his lap. She kissed him tenderly.

“Now it’s your turn. Come on, fuck me!”

That was unexpected. He couldn’t deny his arousal, his cock was still hard. But he felt too confused inside. He couldn’t make love to her. Not in front of Lorenzo.

“Come on! Don’t you have enough already? You just came!”

“Yes, but only once… I want more! Besides, with you it’s different.”

Lorenzo got to his feet and looked perplexedly at his half-naked body. He picked up his jeans, his underpants, and his shoes.

“Thank you for my birthday present, guys!” he said, as if not quite sure what to do.

He went to the bathroom.

He must have realized that he needed privacy to make love to Cecilia. The privacy that Julio had not wanted to give him. How would he feel about Lorenzo from now on? Would they dare to talk about what had happened? Or was the whole thing going to become an obstacle to their friendship, something they would carefully avoid in all their conversations?

Cecilia, on the other hand, would surely want to know how he felt. What was he going to tell her? The thought of confessing to her how much it had excited him to see her fucking Lorenzo frightened him. Maybe she’d take it as an invitation to do it again.

He didn’t feel capable of going through this again.

“Come on, don’t be so stubborn!” she whispered. “Do I have to seduce you, too?”

Cecilia’s hand settled on his belly, caressing his erection through his pants. She already knew. She understood that he had enjoyed seeing her fuck Lorenzo, and now she wanted to wrap up the whole thing by making him cum too. But he couldn’t allow her to control him as she had controlled Lorenzo. He had to show her that he was still in control, of his own desires and hers.

“Yeah, I see you’re a born seductress. Come on, get dressed, we’re leaving,” he said, giving her a swat on the butt.

“Then you don’t want to do it? Is there anything wrong?” she said with a hurt look.

“Come on, don’t be annoying, Cecilia!”

“You are not jealous, are you?”

“Well, yes, a little! But you were right: jealousy is fucking great!”

If you enjoyed this story, you will find more erotic scenes like this in my novel Games of Love and Kink.

Copyright 2022 Hermes Solenzol.

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