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Hot Spicy Buns

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

After a spanking seasoned with chili peppers, Cindy finds herself in a weird predicament.

Chili peppers plants
Chili peppers (Wikimedia Commons)

I have her bent over the black leather bench. Naked. Blindfolded. Arms stretched, tied to the other side of the bench. Ankles shackled to the leg posts, slightly spreading her legs.

I work her perky bottom with my hands. At first, I spank it lightly, warming it up. It was chilly outside, when we walked from the car to the party, and the skin of her butt is cold. She moans softly. What I’m doing feels nice. Let her enjoy it.

I stop to caress her bottom. It has warmed up, taking a light pink hue. I take one step back and lift my arm high in the air. I spank her hard now, rhythmically, about one stroke per second. Her breathing gets heavier. Her moans return, this time with the high pitch of pain mixed with pleasure.

I take my time, pausing every now and then to enjoy the increased warmth of her bottom. She soaks it all in, now deep in sub space.

I decide that I have achieved what I wanted. Her buns are all red, particularly in her sweet spot, just above the crease between her buns and her thighs.

Time for the next phase.

I rummage inside the toy bag until I find my pocket knife, latex gloves and a small tupperware. I put on the gloves, open the container and take out a serrano chili pepper, fiery red. I cut it lengthwise with the knife. I wonder if she can smell the pungent aroma.

I take one half of the pepper a start rubbing it on her right bun. She tenses with the unexpected contact, but then relaxes. The pepper feels moist and cool. Her left buttock receives the other half of the pepper.

In the toy bag I find some skin lotion, which I also rub on her bottom. More coolness. She is probably wondering why I’m treating her so nicely.

I grab a roll of paper towels, and tear one off to wipe her bottom clean of lotion and a few pepper seeds that had stuck to it.

I put the pepper away in its container, and peel off my gloves. I unclip her hands and ankles. As she stands up, I take off her leather blindfold. She gives me a puzzled look.

“Are we done already?”

“For now” I answer cryptically.

I pick up her panties.

“Put them on.”

They are white cotton panties that cover most of her butt. I chose them myself.

I make her walk in front of me, going nowhere in particular. A few looks follow us. She looks sexy in her white panties and leather cuffs and collar.

Finally, it happens. She slides a finger under her panties, separating the fabric from the skin. She turns to me with a suspicious look.

“What have you done to me?”

I smile. I walk over and hug her, sliding my hands inside her panties, cupping her buns. She opens her mouth in a pain grimace.

“Ow, ow, ow! It burns!”

“I know.” I release her. “Walk.”

She takes two steps forward. She grabs her panties again, fanning her bottom with the fabric. She gives me a pleading look.

“What?” I smile.

“Please, Sir…” She looks surprised and confused. “Sir, I don’t know what you have done to me, but my butt feels on fire!”


“Sir, may I please take off my panties?”

“Go ahead. But don’t tell anybody what is happening. Understand?”

She nods and quickly steps out of her panties. I stuff them in my pocket.

I put my arm around her waist.

“Let’s go to the foyer.”

As we walk, I occasionally slip a hand over her butt. She pants and dances a little jig of pain until I take my hand away.

Richard and Martha are gathered in the foyer.

“I just gave Cindy a good spanking. Do you want to feel her butt?”

Richard is always ready to put his paws on Cindy. He quickly steps behind her. Cindy looks me in the eye, trying not to react as Richard massages her burning bottom. After a while, she can’t help it anymore. She kicks her feet on the floor and moans.

“What’s the matter?”

Richard steps back, surprised.

“I guess the spanking was a bit harsh,” I say.

“I want my turn, too!” says Martha.

“Martha, please!” says Cindy, linking her fingers together as in prayer.

But that only arouses Martha’s sadistic nature. She knows that something is cooking.

“Poor girl, what has he done to your pretty, perky bottom?” she says as she caresses, squeezes and pats.

Cindy lowers her head, making her wavy hair fall over her face to hide her blushing. She bits her lips to stop the moaning. But she can’t avoid stamping her feet and doing her cute little dance of pain. She still holds her hands together to stop herself from brushing away Martha’s hand. That would have gotten her in trouble.

Martha won’t quit. She can see what she is doing to Cindy, and she’s enjoying it.

I finally take pity and pull Cindy away for her.

“That was worse than a caning!” Cindy whispers in my ear.

“I know, but I really enjoyed it! Thank you for taking it so graciously.”

We go back in. I sit on sofa by the wall.

She sits by my side. And bounces back up almost immediately.

“Please, Sir, can you stop it now? Please, make it stop!”

I grab her hands stand up, giving her my sadistic smile.

“There is no way to make it stop.”

“No? How long will it last?”

“Tomorrow your butt will still feel warm, but it won’t hurt.”

“But… how am I going to sleep?”

“On your belly, I guess.”

“But… I won’t be able to sit… Or wear my panties. How are we going to get home?”

“You don’t have to put your panties back on. Stay naked under your coat. And you can ride in the car as you find it most comfortable. Maybe kneeling on the floor?”

“I don’t see how that’s going to work out… Maybe we should wait.”

‘No, let’s go home! I want to fuck that pretty bottom while is still hot!”

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