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The Spoiled Submissive (Part 1)

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Over-the-knee spanking. Drawing by Paula Meadows (Lynn Paula Russell).
Over-the-knee spanking. Drawing by Paula Meadows (Lynn Paula Russell).

You are quivering like a flan. You stand in the middle of the hotel room, not knowing what to do, not knowing where to go. You give me that look: halfway fearful, halfway pleading. You're probably thinking about running away and never seeing me again. That would be a real shame, because I am planning to give you a wonderful afternoon. An afternoon that you will never forget, in which all your fantasies will come true. I’ve promised you that.

But what if I can't keep my promise?

It also depends on you. And you are quivering like a flan.

I drop my duffel bag on the floor and walk over to you. I slide my hand gently under your hair, massaging your neck. I draw you closer until I can hug you.

“Come on, let's play a game! You’ll like it.”

You don't say anything, but you let me lead you in front of the mirror.

“I want you to look at yourself in the mirror, but not with your eyes, but with mine. I want you to see your naked body as if it was the first time. As I am going to see it for the first time.”

You nod, but you've become even more nervous. Your heart beats fast. I gather your hair in a tight bundle and I gently pull on it to force you to lift your chin. With the other hand, I undo the first button of your blouse. Then the next one.

“Are you looking at you as I told you?” I whisper in your ear.

“Yes… I think so.”

I have reached the last button. I pull your blouse off your skirt and peel it down your arms. Your eyes, like mine, wander over your white skin in the mirror. You are being obedient. You like being obedient. I pull a strap of your bra down your shoulder. The breast that I uncover is as perfect as I imagined it, neither big nor small, crowned by a rosy nipple that is already awakening. I run my fingertip over it, gently, barely brushing it, and it wrinkles and stretches as if reaching for my finger.

“Are you looking, little mouse? Do you see how pretty you are?

“Please…” you say.

You don't know if you are asking me to continue or to stop. Your hands open and close at your sides.

I wonder if you can really see yourself as I see you, so beautiful, so innocent, so young. For months, I've been desiring you in my dreams, and now I'm finally going to have you. I want to see you naked, exposed to my greedy gaze. I want to run my fingertips over every inch of your skin. But that's not enough for me. I want to get into your mind, make you feel what I want you to feel: trust and fear, pleasure and pain.

I finish taking off your bra. But you, rebelling, cover your breasts with your hands.

“That won't do, little mouse. I'm going to make sure that this doesn't happen again.”

I say it softly, which I know scares you most. Alarmed, you remove your hands from your breasts, but you know it's too late. Your nervous eyes chase mine. I open my travel bag and take out a soft red hemp rope. It gives off that obscene smell. I take your hands and clasp your wrists behind your neck. The rope loops around them quickly, then I run the ends in opposite directions up your forearms, then between your hands, before I tie them firmly. When I'm done, your arms are solidly bound.

Your breasts rise proudly. I plant my hands on them and fondle them unceremoniously. They are mine now. I pinch your nipples, brush them, twist them. You try to pull away, but I won't let you.

“Look at you, little mouse,” I whisper in your ear. “Watch what I do to you.”

I unzip your skirt, which falls to the ground and gathers at your feet. Your legs are white, like two marble columns. Your pubis is a dark shadow under your panties. You look at yourself in the mirror with my eyes, as you nervously try to figure out where I'm going to touch you next. But instead I gather you in my arms and take you to the bed, sitting you on my lap.

I kiss you. It’s our first kiss. Our lips barely touch.

“I'm going to spank you. But don't worry, it won't hurt… At first. Then it will, but you’ll like it. You’ll want it to hurt. While I spank you, I will explain things that can only be understood when you are across a man's lap with your bottom up in the air, feeling the sting of the slaps on your cheeks. When we are done, I'll take you back to the mirror to show you your red bottom. Are you afraid?”

“Yes. Quite.”

“Well, it’s not so bad, you’ll see. Shall we start?”

Without waiting for your answer, I flip you over. You find yourself face down over my legs, your cheek resting on the rope that binds your arms.

“Now, be a nice girl and lift your bottom! Relax your back… Yes, like that! Lift your butt a bit higher, don't be ashamed…

Your breathing is ragged. You quiver like a flan. You anticipate the first slap, but instead I massage your neck again, then your back, until you relax. Your bottom arches over my thighs, curving insolently. You are wearing white cotton panties, good girl panties, which, however, do not cover the crease between the thigh and the butt, and the white skin just above it. That's where I spank you first, lightly. A jolt courses through your body. You gasp. Then your body relaxes again.

I know what you're thinking. That it didn't hurt. That you liked it. That it would have been better if it’d hurt, because liking my spanking makes you more vulnerable. Taking advantage of your confusion, I give you a similar slap on your other buttock. Then I continue spanking you on your white panties, alternating between the cheeks.

“Let me explain something, Beatriz,” I say as I spank you with that even rhythm that means that it’s going to last for a while. “The submissive must surrender to the dominant. Do you know what that means?

You do not answer. You don't want to talk to me while I spank you. It's too humiliating. I give you a couple of hard slaps.

“I’ve asked you a question, Beatriz! Answer me!”

“Oh! Yes! Of course I know what it means! It means that I have to obey you… Isn’t that what I'm doing?”

“Not exactly, little mouse. Surrendering means putting yourself at my disposal. Giving me your body to enjoy. Until now, I have not asked you to do anything for me. Everything I asked you to do was to teach you to enjoy yourself. I have been spoiling you… You must be the most pampered submissive in the world!”

I give you a couple of hard slaps to emphasize the message.

“I've even left your panties on, but now the time has come for you to be naked for me. You understand?”

"Yes." You answer quickly this time. “I guess you are going to pull them down.”

“No. You are the one who is going to pull them down. I'm going to untie your arms so that you can show me your beautiful booty.”

Embarrassed, you hide your face in your armpit. I undo the knots that bind your arms. When I'm done, you stretch them. But you keep hiding your face in the quilt.

“Are you ready?”

You turn your face. It’s red.

“Please do not ask me to do that. You pull them down.”

“No, Beatriz… Don't you say you're so submissive, so obedient? Well, then obey me. Obedience is demonstrated by doing the hard stuff.”

You are not moving. I spank you again, making each slap slightly harder than the previous one, so you understand that you will not be able to postpone the inevitable. Finally, your shaking hands go down your sides, grab the elastic at the waist, and pull your panties down to your thighs. In the process, you arch your hips, sticking your ass out and showing me the little brown button on your anus. You try to hide it by squeezing your buttocks, which have acquired a nice rosy color. I caress them. The spanking has warmed your skin and made it smooth as velvet.

“That’s a good girl! Now I can enjoy looking at your bottom as I spank it.”

You move your hips in time with the slaps. You are excited, I know. But you squeeze your buttocks again.

“Look, Beatriz, I’m done with this nonsense! It's okay if I see your anus. I told you that to be submissive you have to offer yourself to me.”

“Sorry… I can't help it. I am very embarrassed.”

“Well, too bad! No more excuses.”

I grab your panties and pull them off your feet.

“Spread your legs wide. I want to take a good look at you.”

“No, please!”

Grabbing your hips, I lift your bottom and begin to spank it for real. Alarmed, you lift your face from the quilt.

“It stings, doesn’t it? Well, if you want me to stop, you know what you have to do.”

You spread your thighs wide. Your pussy opens too, the swollen labia split to show the moisture inside you.

We are both panting. I can smell you. Your ass is so hot I can feel it on my face.

“That’s much better,” I gasp.

My fingers run across your burning bottom, but do not stop there. They brush your anus and dive into the moisture of your sex. When the tip of my finger reaches your clit, you spread your legs even further and arch your hips, offering yourself completely to me.

“Nice! So at last we find the truth: you are a slut. I suppose you want me to continue.”

“Please! Please!” you moan.

“I don’t think so. You continue.”


“You hear me. Put your fingers on your clit and show me how you get yourself off.”

“No, please! I can't!”

I know I am close to the limit… You are about to say your safeword. That will break the spell, now that we are so close. I stroke your clit again until I feel your body relax.

“It’s okay, little mouse. Surrender. Let yourself go.”

“Yes! I’m trying!”

“Then obey me. Give me your pleasure. Show me how you pleasure yourself. You've come quite far, don't let me down now.”

You bury your face in the quilt again. But your hand slides under your belly. I see your fingers peep out between your lips. Timidly at first, then more decisively, you start to rub your clit with circular movements.

“Very good, little mouse! Don't stop. And don't close your legs, I want to see how you move those fingers.”

You groan. You have tilted your head on the bed to breathe easier. Your eyes are closed. Your cheeks are flushed.

I resume the spanking. As soon as you feel it, you tremble with pleasure. Your fingers move more greedily.

“So now you like the spanking, don’t you?”

I'm deliberately hitting you lightly. You snort with frustration.

“Please…” you complain.

“Please what?

“Please… harder!”

“Ah! So that’s it, right? You need a good spanking while you play with yourself. You are such a dirty girl!”

I'm hitting you hard, trying to find the point that satisfies you without hurting you too much. You grunt and rock your hips with the rhythm of your fingers. I adjust the slaps to the same beat. We both begin to dance a dance of pleasure and pain. My cock has been hard for a while. I want to rub it against your hip, but I give up my pleasure to pay full attention to yours.

“Please! Please! Can I cum now?”

“Of course, little mouse! Cum for me!

As you approach your climax, I spank you with rhythmic, energetic blows, raising my hand high in the air to increase the drama. You scream. I don’t know if it is from pain or from pleasure. You don't know yourself. Your finger has acquired a frenzied rhythm.

You cum, finally, screaming and pressing your belly against my thighs.

I don't stop spanking you until your limp body on my lap announces that your orgasm has ended.

Copyright 2021 Hermes Solenzol

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Damn you can write. Could I relate.

Hermes Solenzol
Hermes Solenzol
16 de dez. de 2022
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