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Man or Bear?

Real-life examples of man and bear encounters in the woods

 tattooed bearded man in water next to a waterfall
From Unplash, by Lance Reis


She walks to the swimming hole just as he dives into the cold water. She catches a glimpse of his naked buttocks sticking into the air. They are pale, hairless and deliciously round.

He surfaces, wipes the water from his eyes, and sees her. He has a short beard, green eyes and hair that falls in cute curls down his forehead.

He’s gorgeous.

His clothes lay piled on a rock nearby.

 “Oh! Hi there!” he says. “Sorry, I’m naked! I didn’t expect anybody to hike this far up Lundy Canyon today.”

“Oh, I don’t mind at all! In fact, I think I’ll do the same thing. It’s hot today!”

She drops her backpack, pulls out her sneakers without bothering to untie the laces, gets rid of her socks. Her shirt, bra, shorts and panties soon are piled on the rock next to his clothes.

He stands on the river bed, the water up to his shapely pecs. He’s shaved down there, his uncut cock slowly waving in the current.

She steps into the water. The cold cuts her feet like a knife.

“Wow! It’s freezing!”

“I love it! But you have to get used to it. I take a cold shower every day. It’s very healthy!”

Wow! A manly man! But if she wants him, she has to stand up to his game.

Without thinking twice, she drops into the deeper part of the pool.

She comes out gasping for air. The cold water makes her whole body hurt.

He is climbing the rocks of the shore, offering her an unrestricted view of his perfect bottom and muscular thighs.

He grabs his fleece jacked and starts towering himself with it. He looks down at her, freezing in the water, teeth chattering.

“Got to catch up with my boyfriend before he gets too far ahead,” he says. “Nice talking to you!”

Bear with open jaws showing teeth
From Unplash, by mana5280


She aims her rifle at the black bear. It scratches at a log, licks something from it.

She will teach the boys in town. They think only they can hunt. Ha!

She squeezes the trigger.

The bear jumps in the air when the bullet hits him. Then falls to the ground, convulsing in agony.

“I got him! Yay!”

She walks slowly to the bear. Kicks him. He surely is dead.

She leans her rifle against the log and takes out her hunting knife.

She rolls the bear on his back. With the knife, she makes a long incision down his chest. It will be hard work, but the bear's skin will do a great job as a rug in her living room.

She hears steps on her side. Looks up with alarm.

A bear cub has come out of the bushes, staring with a sad look.

She looks down at the chest she has begun skinning. Notices the nipple there.


“Good God! You scared me!”

“¡Señora, por favor, un poco de agua! ¡Me muero de sed!¨

“I don’t understand a word you’re saying… What were you thinking, jumping out of the bushes like that!”

The man approaches her, extending his hands helplessly before him.

“Por favor, deme algo de agua para mi mujer y mi hija. Las tuve que dejar atrás. Ya no podían caminar más.”

“What are you trying to do? Rape me? I have Mace, I warn you!”

The man stares anxiously at the plastic tube sticking out of her backpack.

“Stop staring at my tits, you creep!”

She reaches for the container of bear maze in the side pocket of her backpack.

“¡Sólo un sorbito de agua, se lo suplico!”

He stumbles forward, grasping for the tube.

She sprays Mace right into his face.

“¡Ay! ¡Ay, qué dolor, por favor! ¿Pero yo qué le he hecho? ¡Yo sólo quería un poco de agua!”

He brings his hands to his face, bends over and falls to his knees.

“That will teach you to try to assault a woman, you creep! Now, go back to your country! We don’t want dirty scum like you in America!”


“Heavens! A grizzly!”

The humongous bear has come into view suddenly. It completely blocks the trail.

It looks at her menacingly. Slowly, it raises up to stand on its hind legs. It’s taller than her.

If she runs, the bear will catch up with her in a matter of seconds.

Luckily, she’s come prepared. There are many dangers in these woods in Montana. In fact, a grizzly bear is not the worst thing that can happen. A man would be much worse.

She draws the handgun from its holster just in time. The bear falls back on its four legs and charges.

She aims at its head and fires. She has time to squeeze the trigger twice before the bear falls on her.

Its jaws go straight for the gun, as if he knows that’s where danger lays. The bite almost cuts her wrist clean off.

The bears front paws fall on her hips with full force.

Then the bear walks away.

She cannot walk. With her left hand, she undoes her shoelaces and makes a tourniquet to stop the blood flow in her wrist. Just in time before she passed out.

She wakes up in the hospital.

Her first instinct is to look at her right arm. The bandages stop a bit further down the elbow. There is nothing beyond that.

A gray-haired lady with a clipboard gives her a sad look from the end of the bed.

“They had to amputate it. Your hand was necrotic by the time that man found you.”

“God, no! How am I going to live without my right hand.”

“And that’s not the worst of it… There is no easy way to tell you this, so I’m just going to say it… That bear broke your spine. You are paralyzed from the waist down.”

“No! They can do something! They can cure me… Can’t they?”

The gray-haired lady just shakes her head.

“You are lucky that man found you. Nobody goes up that trail.”

“Lucky? Oh, God! I wish that bear had killed me!”

Copyright 2014 Hermes Solenzol

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